AVATAR: Go See It But Read This First

I just got done seeing the movie Avatar in 3D IMAX. Overall I liked it (which is good considering the price – $14.75). I believe you’ll feel as I do after seeing it that the craft of creating movies has taken another leap forward. The awesome visuals would make me recommend that anyone go see it.

The downside however is that their ability to tell the story overshadows the story itself. I’m not saying the visuals should be toned down. I’m saying that, with visuals that good, they might want to find a story worthy of being told. Before I enumerate some of the problems I have with the ridiculous story I remind you – I liked the movie. Go see it. You’ll like it too. The flying around in 3D didn’t bother me at all. I loved it and, although I’m usually prone to motion sickness, I was unaffected.

My main beef is that the story involves silly earth worship. Nature actually makes a poor god. In the movie, the main character actually states humans killed their “mother earth” and are now doomed to live on their own “dead” world.  Just for the record, any god that is killable isn’t a god at all (as my wife says). In the movie’s world called Pandora a simple bulldozer is apparently enough to threaten the existence of the god of the natives.  In fact there are several lame political notions that the Avatar story is promoting. Here are a few:

  • man is bad / natives good
  • military people are good for nothing and are only happy if they are killing
  • given the oppotunity, man would rather kill now to make $5 than negotiate to make $100 a week from now
  • corporations and money are evil
  • man needs to return to the pure (stoneage) days where we are all exacly equal in our loin cloths

If you buy into any of this idiocy, try to forget that only a multi-million dollar corporation could create a film like this and, of course, try to forget it was done for profit alone. http://www.firstshowing.net/2009/11/24/fox-chairman-has-no-doubt-that-avatar-will-make-a-profit/ 

One scene that really bothered me was that a human killing to save himself was deemed evil but natives that kill with compassion for food (natives that whisper into the dying animal’s ear “I’m returning you to mother nature”)- they are deemed good!  This story is a complete load of crap.  Its unfortunate that some people might start to believe this junk.

Having said all that, ignore the mother earth garbage and go see it! The integration of reality and animation is seamless and the environment is just visually stunning. To see beings interacting and flying around within that beauty I was wowed!

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