Lync Receptionist Completed

FYI, I’ve recently converted my Virtual Receptionist application into a new version which we call the Lync Receptionist using the Lync 2010 APIs. The bad thing was they discontinued UCCAPI (UC client side apis) which stinks because it was low level and you could write a nice standalone app. I had written this cool app with it and now its going away! Argh! With the Lync 2010 APIs you can write client side apps much easier but the client must have the Lync client installed. I digress though…

The Lync Receptionist allows companies to just put a touch screen in their lobby. Visitors can choose to speak with a real receptionist, deliver a package, get more info, or meet with somebody. If they want to meet with someone they can flip through a carousel of headshots to find the person they want and touch their picture. The app places an audio video call to them.

I’m surprised how well it is working although the big touch screen makes it nice! We should be moving ahead to productize this soon.

UPDATE: Here’s a link on Microsoft’s site:

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